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The Route Plan

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The Plan

The plan

The main reason before publishing my intended route is to allow family and friends to see where I am heading. And, with the approximate timing of the route attached hopefully there will be places where we can rendezvous. If you tell me there is a place along the way you’d like to meet, tell me where and when – I’ll make sure to be there.

Actual tracking

My actual position will also be posted on the site daily, as the motorbike will have a GPS asset tracking device. My real position will probably differ from the intended route, in terms of location and timing, as I may stay in certain places longer or shorter depending upon how much I like it. Naturally locations may diverge depending on the tips and advice received along the way

Your advice

I’d love to hear your view on my intended route. If there are places you think it would be unforgivable to miss (or indeed places I should skip) please let me know.

Route development

The planned route published on the site actually developed over time. I’d never been to the west coast of the States and that was my initial “that would be good to do”. After undertaking some research I learned of the PanAmerican Highway (thanks Lil) and it appealed to me immediately. Latterly I decided to travel east to west coast and through the southern States as I extended the duration my trip from six to ten months.

August September October
A – New York City E – Detroit J – Vancouver
B – Maine F – Chicago K – Seattle
C – Montreal G – Wisconsin L – San Francisco
D – Toronto H – Minneapolis M – Los Angeles
  I  – South Dakota  

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