Short note – The 101

Just spent a couple of nice days in Portland, Oregon. Tomorrow I hit the road for San Francisco on the famous 101! This will be a two day pleasure fest along the western coastline. I’ve looked at some photos on Goggle and am pretty physc’d about the journey. Will spend almost a week with a good friend from The Netherlands – Jeroen Gijzen and his family.

On a side note, it has been a strange couple of days here following the recent elections. In the lead up to election day obscene sums of money was spent on incredibly negative add campaigns, interest groups overtly pushing their cause with intense media coverage. The Democrats took a hammering and now don’t control both Houses. Obama’s remaining term could be less than a lame duck presidency; as there is already talk of repealing his health care reform. What a pity as the country needs a clear direction forward and not stalemate or brinkmanship party politics.

On a positive note the weather still looks promising. Clear blue skies and 15-17 degrees! However due to the cool sea breeze I’ll still have to wear my recently acquired long johns (incidentally they look a lot better on me than I thought they would).

Over and out.

Al Dempsey

4 November 2010