Quick note

Ciao from Lake Placid

Last week John Durgan, an American friend and former colleague who’s now based in CEVA’s office in Brazil, checked my website and noticed I was in Montreal. He dropped me an email to say that his mother and family lived just an hour south and would be happy to have me over. I’ve actually met Ms Durgan a couple of times on her various visits to Amsterdam and no doubt at one of John’s famous Thanksgiving dinners.

Funny I knew his family lived in upstate New York but like most foreigners (and some Americans) I thought this region stopped at Albany. I didn’t realise Up, upstate New York stretched all the way to the Canadian border. With such proximity I wouldn’t dream of not dropping by to say hello and meeting Ms Durgan again. Of course the opportunity to have my first home cooked dinner of the trip (sorry Sean, the BBQ on your NYC terrace is a little different) and the opportunity to get some embarrassing childhood stories from his siblings was too good to pass. This is the type of happen chance meeting that I hope will occur regularly throughout my trip.

On different note, some readers have mentioned they haven’t seen my gps red dot move on the website map. Rather it just appeared in new locations. Well I don’t ride the bike every day so you have to catch me in the saddle! FYI – tomorrow I leave John’s family home at 10.00am (CST) for Toronto. The ride should take about seven hours. So you should be able to see my bike via the red dot progress at real time on the site but make sure you zoom in for better visuals. I’ll only spend a couple of days in Toronto before heading to Chicago on Sunday. I’m looking forward to visiting my family there and particularly seeing my cousin’s new daughter who was born on Saturday just pasted. And there’ll also be another coincidental reunion in the Windy City. Liz Houston a good friend from Stockholm will be visiting her father while I’ll be there.

Also, the best internet cafés are: Starbucks! Every city, town and village has one and their big leather chairs are extremely comfortable. I appreciate this epitomises a different global issue but it’s great for the would be traveller. Think I’ll have another Grande Cappuccino with an extra shot.

BTW, summer is truly gone as I’ve had to add the winter lining into my jacket and need to buy winter gloves asap.

Hope you’re all well.

Al Dempsey

15 September 2010.