This weekend I’ll hit the road south for Guatemala. I’m about two and half weeks behind my own agenda, due to the bike breakdown and I caught a bad flu and mild conjunctivitis thrown in for good measure. Cannot remember the last time I was so under the weather. Fortunately the bike and I are back firing on all cylinders!

Over the next ten days, including stop offs, I’ll cover the same 1,500KM driven with my buddy Tommy in the hire car I took to meet him in Acapulco. No big deal as it was good fun to hang out.

Other updates.

My new gps tracker is live. The functionality is much improved – zoom in for better location details. Also, if you click on the red dot, my actual position is shown and the second tab shows the street view. Glad the gps device is on the bike and not me. Got to keep some things to myself.

Also, my route plan and contact phone number have been updated on the website.

Keep the faith

Al Dempsey
3 February 2011