Hitting the Road Great to hit the road after two weeks in NYC. Really phyc’d about it. Bike ready to roll. Bags packed, sat nav and gps installed and good-bye’s said. FYI – zoom in on the gps tracker and you may actually see my motorbike. Hitting Vermont first to chill for a few days.

A couple of noticeable events happened as I left Manhattlen. A car crash on the FDR and reduced traffic to one lane which held me up for 35-40 minutes. Not that I was in a rush but I was wearing bike leathers in August heat…. Hope no one was seriously hurt in the accident.

I filled my patrol tank up for USD13. F***** hell man. In The Netherlands is costs Euro27-28. Outrageous. Will never listen to an American complain about the price of gas.

First day of my road trip and of course it rains. Murphy and his bloody law. Well wasn’t always going to be blue skies.

The ride to Brattleboro took over 3.5 hours. I haven’t been in the saddle for that long for almost two years (trips to Bloomendale don’t count) and I felt it in my back and wrists afterward. Sure this will be short-lived.

Glad to get to my wood cabin and slept for 11hours. Next day they moved my to a trailer. Can you believe it – they do upgrades in Camp Sites!