Happy New Year + Bike Trip

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After a few days of drama I finally got to Acapulco to meet up with Tommy, my brother in arms, to celebrate New Years Eve.

I arrived two days late as I had my first accident on the bike not long after I left Puerto Vallarta. I hit an unsigned speed bump that caused the engine to haemorrhage oil. I literally had to hide the bike in the mountains in order to arrange the tow truck. A two day ordeal unfolded which was only made easier by the kindness and assistance of a number of people. Full story to follow on a separate blog.

While I was managing this scenario Tommy was waiting in Acapulco. With the bike in the Suzuki dealer I took a hire car and hit the road. As Tommy waited he recovered from his 25 hour travel trip (long route) and got the low down on the NYE parties.

Beach party, fireworks and shenanigans ensued. Glad I wore a light shirt, as it was very hot. Awesome night.

The good news is the bike only needed minor surgery; the great news is that we’re off to the beach where it’s 32 degrees.

For 2011 – I wish you health, happiness and great sex with, hopefully, someone who loves you back. And if not, enjoy it anyway.

Feliz Ano Nuevo

1 January 2011