Happy Birthday

Hola amigos

Hard to believe I am 27 (ea-hem) again today. Normally at this time of the year I give a BBQ in Amsterdam to coincide with the event but it will have to be skipped this year. Will miss my friends back home and of course the Dutch cakes at the office. However celebrating in Cali, Colombia isn’t so bad either!

I arrived here this afternoon and I’m staying in the Casa Blanca hostel which is quite well known amongst people undertaking similar trips, both bikers and non-bikers. The place also has a good bar which I’m off to now as it is already my birthday in Europe. BTW – I bought myself a present of a day off roading. So I’ll swap the chopper for a dirt bike this weekend. Should be fun.

Only two more months left before I finish up in Santiago de Chile. Yeah, I know – the last ten months have flown by for me too. It’s been an incredible experience that I’ve enjoyed immensely. I’m sure the next two months will also be fantastic.

I expect to be in Europe by the end of August and am looking forward to seeing my family and old friends (that is friends I had prior to this trip) again. I’ll arrange drinks one evening in Dublin, London and Amsterdam. Will keep you posted – when and where closer to the date.

See you soon.

Al Dempsey