Getting ready to go – last preparations for leaving The Netherlands.

July – it’s been a busy month. Winding down in work and preparing to leave The Netherlands.

There is actually quite a lot to do when leaving a country in which you’ve lived for almost a decade. The fun stuff is the numerous lunches, dinners and drinks with various friends and colleagues.

Then the drudge stuff. The admin: deregister as resident, banking changes, fiscal advice etc. Packing up the apartment. I spent the entire day on Monday (dawn ‘till mid evening) sorting clothes, gadgets, picture frames, electronics etc. Luckily Badia was here to help pack. Dropped seven boxes of clothes plus my suits to the basement. This excludes the box I sent home, plus the charity shop and the clothes I’ll take with me. Too many threads however it felt great to do a purge.

It’s amazing when you go through all your stuff, clothes (or other items) and find things you thought you lost, others you forgot you owned – some a happy surprises (like finding money in a jacket not worn for a while) others quickly discarded in case anyone sees.

All the hard work done, the only thing left on my last weekend before my trip is some final catch ups, Rockit Open Air Festival on Saturday (cheers for the tickets DJ RFG), return the company car on Monday and catch a flight on Tuesday. Sean/Sara – hope the spare room is ready.

Adieu to Amsterdam but not farewell to friends.