Coming Home

What a great feeling it was to arrive in Viña del Mar, the beach town next to Santiago. It was actually quite exciting to count down the final 1,000KM of this 37,000KM adventure. The end seeming all the more real since I booked my return flight.

I spent the past few days chilling out after five long days driving. The weather has been fantastic and parts of each day were spent at the beach including swims in the freezing water. I also managed to start and finish one book and start another.

As for the bike. The plan is to store it in Santiago for a couple of months and then ship it to the country where I take my next job. After all we´ve been through I cannot sell my baby now.

Tomorrow I´ll tour two vineyards and am looking forward to getting utterly Chiantified on Chile´s finest vino collapso.

My final weekend will be in Santiago and I´ve treated myself to a nice apartment in the city centre. It only costs Euro45pn. The advantage of travelling during the low season.

I arrive into Amsterdam on Wednesday and will spend a few days there before heading to the Emerald Isle. While it´s been a wonderful experience I am really looking forward to being home and to seeing you all again. In fact, I better sign off now as I am getting emotional.

See you next week.

Al Dempsey
13 September 2011

PS. I will write the outstanding blogs and proper sign off once my laptop is repaired.