Christmas in Mexico

I cannot believe it’s 27 degrees today. My jeans are sticking to me. Why didn’t I wear my shorts. Need a cold shower but that will have to wait until later. In the meantime I’ll make do with a nice Californian chardonnay…

Tomorrow I leave San Francisco after a superb weekend in the city and almost a week with my buddy in suburbia (Sebastopol). Next on the agenda is: Yosemite National Park, Death Valley, Vegas for the weekend and then the Grand Canyon. After which I’ll hit the coast again via Los Angles. While riding to ‘Cisco I decided to change my route plan where I won’t now head back to the east coast.

I’ll enter Mexico via Baja California. Then take a ferry from Cabo San Lucas to the mainland. The main reason for cutting out the west to east coast southern leg owes to the weather conditions. Despite today’s uncharacteristic temperature I don’t fancy travelling the southern states during winter. Originally I was supposed to start this journey two months earlier but postponed the date as I was requested to stay on longer by my former employer. With the date shifted I don’t want to dodge rainstorms and preserve the cold. Then only to arrive wet, cold and miserable.

On top of which it’s no fun visiting a new place when it too is wet, cold and miserable. I’m not too disappointed as this part of the journey was a late add on. Furthermore, with Christmas and New Year fast approaching I wasn’t keen to spend the holidays in Nashville or Atlanta. With the change of route, I expect to now spend the holiday season in a yet to be identified beach resort in Mexico! Whoha!

Over the coming week or so I’ll update my route plan and timing on the site. To all my family and friends, I strongly advise you to escape the winter cold and meet me in Central America. Go on, you know you want to.

Miss you all.


15 November 2010