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website updates
Website update. The website had been updated for two items: 1.Photos now posted using Flickr. This will make viewing photographs easier. 2.The small orange box like icon next to “Recent Blog Entries” on the home page is called an RSS Feed. If
Portland, Maine
Portland, Maine I had the impression that Portland was a big city by the water but as I drove down Commercial Street I realised that it is actually a quaint harbour city/town. The city itself has a population of only 65K. It doesn’t take long to drive
Coney Island
During the week Sean and Sara suggested we go to Coney Island on Sunday if the weather was good as it’s as much a part of a New Yorker’s upbringing as the Niks or Yankees. Both were happy to bring me there as Sara had fond
The Ride to Montreal
Driving to Montreal On Thursday morning 2 September I set out on the six-hour drive from Portland (Maine) for Montreal (Canada). The weather forecast was perhaps too good. Even with a soft wind, driving in 30-32 degree heat wearing full leathers is too much. Shortly into the ride I
Quick note
Leaving Portland in the morning for Montreal. It’s been a great week. Love the place. More to follow. Weather has been superb. Over 30 degrees all week, which is making my farmers/bikers tan more stark. Good time to leave as Hurricane Earl is forecasted to hit the Maine coastland by
Born to ride
The bike ride from Brattleboro (Vermont) to Portland (Maine). Although it was my second ride on the trip, I really count it as my first proper ride as the journey from New York to Brattleboro was a drudge trip. Why? The weather forecast and looming heavy grey clouds spelt rain so I
Must Read
As part of my preparation for this trip I’m working my way through a couple of American history books. I have to recommend “The Island at the Center of the World” to all New Yorkers, Dutch nationals and anyone who has so much as a passing interest in New York. A factual
New York – Great place to start the trip
Warning. This is a bit of a long one. Suggest reading when you’ve got 10 minutes. Promise this will be the longest blog I write. I did spend two weeks in NYC. I shipped my motorbike to New York versus other eastern ports, as I wanted to
Hitting the Road
Great to hit the road after two weeks in NYC. Really phyc’d about it. Bike ready to roll. Bags packed, sat nav and gps installed and good-bye’s said. FYI – zoom in on the gps tracker and you may actually see my motorbike. Hitting Vermont first to chill for a few days.