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My First Leg Over
On 9 October 2010 I arrived in Vancouver, Canada having driven over 3,000KM (2.100m) from Chicago. What an amazing journey in terms of spectacular scenery and a bike cruise that was easily the best I’ve ever driven in my life. And despite arriving in the city exhausted I was
It was great to be back in Chicago following a sixteen year gap since my last visit. As a 20-year-old college student I spent the summer with my Aunt and Uncle in their suburban (Barrington) home and worked as a painter and decorated to fund the following years
Toronto & Niagara Falls
A short and sweet visit. The plan was keep the visit tight as Toronto is often likened to a more relaxed New York and closer to Chicago in feel and as I’d been to both I didn’t intend to spend too much time in another city. So five days was enough time to get a
Heading West
I’ve spent the past eight weeks travelling from New York to Chicago, albeit via a zigzag route which took me north to Canada; now I’ve started the remaining journey west and will cover two thirds of the continent in one week! This is broadly in line with my route plan, which was
Montreal & Quebec
Advice: You might want to put the kettle on and make tea or grab a beer as this is a long blog. Montreal – what a great city. My expectations were high as a good friend (thanks Karen) from The Netherlands who lived in Canada for a couple of years said Quebec was her favourite
Ride to Toronto
I left upstate New York for Toronto at 8.30am were the conditions were as good as I could ask for in mid September. The sky was clear blue and the temperature a cool 11 degrees celsius (52F). Actually the air vents in my leathers pants circulated a refreshing breeze, which helped to shake
Durgan Family Visit + Lake Placid
As I left the Durgan family homestead yesterday for Toronto, I thought what a fortunate diversion from my route plan this visit turned out. Although I’d previously met Ms Durgan (the mother of a friend and former colleague) in
Quick note
Ciao from Lake Placid Last week John Durgan, an American friend and former colleague who’s now based in CEVA’s office in Brazil, checked my website and noticed I was in Montreal. He dropped me an email to say that his mother and family lived just an hour south and would be
Bar Harbour
Bar Harbour I took the three hour trip to Bar Harbour on the recommendation of a family I’d met in Portland. As it was good biking country, great scenery and offered something else to do as a mid week break from Portland itself. The journey took me along the Maine coastline,