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Swim before Breakfast
I was going to complain that the pool was out of order but the sea was fairly warm…… Al x 19 December 2010
God’s Country
Grand Canyon, Death Valley and Yosemite I spent almost two weeks in Gods own country. The variation of natural beauty seen in Yosemite National Park,
San Francisco
The iconic bridge, the bay, infamous prison, retro tramcars and liberal gay society all contribute to San Franscisco’s escalation in stature as one of America’s
Portland (Oregon) & Highway 101
’ve now been to Portland on both sides of the USA. Two very different cities where the shared name is the only thing they have in common. Portland Maine is a beautiful harbour town that serves great seafood. On the other coast, Oregon’s Portland is known as a smaller Seattle but
Seattle – What a great city
’ve never judged a person by their appearance but to nuance the thought to which I do subscribe: first impressions do matter. What a person says, their body language, eye contact, the sincerity of a handshake all contribute to that first assessment, which lasts long after the
Christmas in Mexico
I cannot believe it’s 27 degrees today. My jeans are sticking to me. Why didn’t I wear my shorts. Need a cold shower but that will have to wait until later. In the meantime I’ll make do with a nice Californian chardonnay… Tomorrow I leave San Francisco after a superb weekend in
I Love Victoria
I love Victoria. No – I really love Victoria. This fantastic city is located on Vancouver Island, which is roughly the same size as The Netherlands. Victoria is also the state capital of British Colombia. My original route plan didn’t include a visit to this city and island. However I decided to take a
Short note – The 101
Just spent a couple of nice days in Portland, Oregon. Tomorrow I hit the road for San Francisco on the famous 101! This will be a two day pleasure fest along the western coastline. I’ve looked at some photos on Goggle and am pretty physc’d about the journey. Will spend almost a
It was great to arrive into Vancouver as it marked my arrival on the west coast of the Americas and a welcome break from the previous weeks tiring yet enjoyable journey. It’s funny; prior to this trip I hadn’t visited Canada. Now I’ve been three times courtesy of the ziz-zag route with the USA.