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El Salvador
My entry into El Salvador started with a bit of an ordeal at border control, a carnival and a pleasant encounter with the police. But overall a great week. The hassle at the border related to my bike not having a licence plate. The plate broke off when I hit a pothole in Guatemala. With
Guatemala City
I arrived in Guatemala City on a Sunday evening around 7.30pm after a four hour ride from Tapachula, Mexico. This was the first ride of the trip without detailed satellite navigation so I was little anxious as to how it would go. In the US, Canada and Mexico I had the benefit of granular Garmin
Mexico – ye gotta come here
Photos: (1) Tapachula & Road South, (2) Acapulco, (3) Puerto Vallarta, (4) Zihautanejo and (5) Puerto Escondido. I’ve now driven Mexico’s western coastline more than once, visited some great cities and small towns and met many fantastic people. Originally I expected to spend three weeks here.
On the move again
This weekend I’ll hit the road south for Guatemala. I’m about two and half weeks behind my own agenda, due to the bike breakdown and I caught a bad flu and mild conjunctivitis thrown in for good measure. Cannot remember the last time I was so under the weather. Fortunately the bike and I are
Driving & Bureaucracy – Mexican Style
Warning: This is a long blog. Make a fresh brew or have a couple of cans close to hand. One week before Christmas I left San Diego, and on leaving North America I began the third leg of the trip – Central America. The plan was to ride at a cruising pace through Mexico’s
San Diego
Contrary to the protestations of the legendary on-screen newsreader Ron Burgundy, San Diego does not translate to “whales vagina”. Although I did see a few whales in the saintly named city. During my short time there I took in: Seaword, San Diego’s world famous zoo and a tour of the retired aircraft carrier – The USS
Lockwood Valley Hollywood, Disneyland, Sunset Boulevard, Rodeo Drive, Beverley Hills, bad traffic are the things most Europeans will rhyme off if asked of their L.A. knowledge. During my week there I got to see all of this and more. But most of all, I caught up with an old buddy and hung out with some
Happy New Year + Bike Trip
After a few days of drama I finally got to Acapulco to meet up with Tommy, my brother in arms, to celebrate New Years Eve. I arrived two days late as I had my first accident on the bike not long after I left Puerto Vallarta. I hit an unsigned speed bump that caused the
Over the past few weeks I’d been moved by some of mother natures finest scenery, visited many museums and a couple of vineyards. All quite cultured really but now I was ready for some superficial fun. Vegas – what a place. It really is Disneyland for grown ups. There is something to excite