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Coming Home
What a great feeling it was to arrive in Viña del Mar, the beach town next to Santiago. It was actually quite exciting to count down the final 1,000KM of this 37,000KM adventure. The end seeming all the more real since I booked my return flight.
Ecuador (and incredible Alausi)
As I left Colombia to continue the journey south, I felt somewhat travel weary. The effect of ten months on the road, missing family and friends (two of whom had just visited) and thinking the final two months would simply be more of the same. Like any holiday, when it nears the end your thinking begins to switch towards the
The Galapagos Islands
One of the few things I knew of Ecuador prior to this trip, was that The Galapagos Islands sits off its coastline. The archipelago made famous for contributing to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. From the outset, I thought to visit if it was on the way. Despite the cost I’m glad I went to this
Hard Week
Its been one of those weeks were I have been dealing with things that need to be solved. Non fun stuff. Then of course its not just dealing with the item itself but also the knock-on consequences. I arrived into Lima with a couple of things to fix or replace:
Photos. Left: Medellin & Papayan. Right: Cartagena. I was looking forward to my second visit to Colombia for two reasons. Partly as entering South America marked my fourth and final stage of the trip, but mostly as I would rendezvous with two buddies from Europe:
This was my fourth visit to Panama and my final country in Central America. Its been a favourite for a number of years as the capital combines modern urban life while maintaining its Latin roots. Added to this is the close proximity of great beaches and islands.
Happy Birthday
Hola amigos Hard to believe I am 27 (ea-hem) again today. Normally at this time of the year I give a BBQ in Amsterdam to coincide with the event but it will have to be skipped this year. Will miss my friends back home and of course the Dutch cakes at the office. However celebrating
Costa Rica – La Pura Vida
When Columbus first sighted this country’s idyllic coastline he remarked Rich Coast (aka Costa Rica). With that the new colony was duly baptised. Costa Rica’s natural beauty extends beyond the Atlantic shores. I’ve had some great rides through its mountains,
Border Hassle and good times in Nicaragua
I’ve now resigned myself to the fact that border crossings are the part of this trip I dislike most. It’s an experience I dread, as I never know if it will be easy or difficult. While driving to Nicaragua I had to pass