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Shebang – someone slap me. 

The Trip

Did I really just quit a good job, with a great company and pack up my apartment in The Netherlands….. Yep, guess I did – as I wrap up some final pieces of admin the last paycheck and rental agreement next to me indicate so.

As I write this prologue to the website, my motorbike is crossing the Atlantic and I’ll join it at the end of the month. I finished work at the beginning of July and spent the month preparing my exit, saying goodbye to family and friends and preparing for the next ten months (or so) adventure. Why now, I spent the last decade riding the corporate wave, there were some huge and turbulent surf with various corporate changes which were great to experience but I will now swap the board for a chopper ride across the Americas. At 25 I wanted to travel the world but choose to start the career first, now at 35 and with no commitments (family or financial) of my own – it’s now or never!

I land in New York next week, crisscross the USA and Canada, ride through Central and South America and eventually finish up in Santiago de Chile in Spring 2011. I’m looking forward in equal measures to seeing the awesome places on this continent and to meeting some weird and wonderful people along the away; and hopefully to meeting many new friends. No doubt there will be some difficult encounters but hopefully not so many, even then, that’s part of the adventure.

And afterwards? Who knows. If I don’t open a bar on an exotic coast, link up with an entrepreneur with a promising business idea or indeed return to finance –all are options I’d be more than happy with but that’s to be decided in the future. For now, I want to focus on and enjoy this trip.

While I’m travelling you’ll be able to keep track of my progress as my motorbike has a GPS link to the website and I’ll regularly update my blog, hope you enjoy the postings and please send any recommendation you might have to make my trip even better. And who knows – maybe we can meet along the way.

Keep in touch.

All the best.

Al Dempsey

20 July 2010

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What a great feeling it was to arrive in Viña del Mar, the beach town next to Santiago. It was actually quite exciting to count down the final 1,000KM of this 37,000KM adventure. The end seeming all the more real since I booked my return flight.

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